lauantai 7. helmikuuta 2009

In Oily Garage...

The plan for this evening at garage was:
1) put new air filter in place
2) change oils
3) change oil filter.
(and put o-ring, which is located at bottom of gas shut-off, in right place...

The air filter was now so easy... It took only about 10 minutes to release gas tank, open air filter lid and put new one in. And of course put everything back again. Now the air filter is reusable, so next time only cleaning is needed. (O-ring was fixed also...)

Then new thing - oil changing. Excitment in the air... how does this go?! This is the best part, don't know exaclty how to do something and have to learn while doing - great! The oil insert and oil filter was located last time, so no time wasted here anymore.

Once again, things are just so stuck... Oil insert didn't even promise to open for first try. Hahaa - secret weapon, Mr. CRC came to rescue. And oil insert opened kindly. Wow... oil, oil and once again oil. Everything in oil... Plääh - what a mess!

The oil filter was next to be released. <*CRC*> It released kinldy after couple of tries. <*/CRC*> More oil... Now I had not only my hands and shirt in oil, but also my phone started to feel quite sticky. Well... I had help line open whole time... and took pictures and MMS them to get more help. So phone is actually one very important tool when doing motorbike maintenance work! Almost as important as CRC... And when talking about tools... next time I'll take also my make-up mirror with me. It would have been extremely handy. Now I had to crawl under motorbike to be able to see something.

Bad oil gone, used oil filter gone. Time to take new fresh ones in. New oil filter required some oil inside it before attaching it. And of course threads needed cleaning from old oil. Nicely it attached! And so did oil insert. Last phase to go - new oil in. Oil tank capacity is 2200 cm3, so I poured abt 2 litres oil in.

One mystery raised again... how on earth do people check the oil eye??? When motorcycle is straight and leans on you, it is quite impossible to bend down enough to see the oil eye... Well, maybe the "middle footrest" could be used here. But I will use make-up mirror next time! This time I used phone and took picture...

Once again, very nice evening at the garage!

What is left to prepare for new driving season? Changing gasoline filter and oil chains. Then that's it. Oh - one thing related to clothing. The leather suit needs greasing. Things are slowly coming to an end ... or better said, to a beginning.

New, reusable, air filter in place.

Hmmm... let's see does this become a whole motorbike before driving season... AND... does it still work!!!?
From Mopo

Tool set has increased... significantly!
From Mopo

Oil, oil, please come out...
From Mopo

Here is the way to come out, sesame open!
From Mopo

Looking good :) Bad oil out and new air filter about to go in place...
From Mopo

Old oil filter was here, and new one will be...
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...and here it is! Also oil insert back in place.
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The oil eye... New oil in :) DONE!
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