tiistai 21. heinäkuuta 2009

Long time no written...

The driving season is far and it has been 4 months gap on blog updates.

In a nutshell: the bike worked fine after maintenance work. I was too eager to start driving, that the only thing I did was to oil chains. It was quite neatly done with a toothbrush.

After that... driving, driving and driving :) What a pleasure it is! (Except for the first drive in the beginning of May - freezing, I was totally frozen!)

Well, I need to mention, that the speedometer stopped working for some reason. That needs fixing at some point - the problem is, that the middle footrest should be used here. And I don't have the strength nor technique to do that. Good thing here is, that I never speed! How could that happen, when speedometer shows 0 km/hour all the time???

The reason that trickered me to write to the blog after a long while is the insurance company. Yes, they kindly remembered me with the insurance bill. This is the first (full) insurance bill with motorbike insurance. Now I did expect a big bill, since everybody told in advance, that it is expensive. BUT THIS EXPENSIVE?!! It was a good thing I was sitting down when opening the invoice... My god! How dear they??? Maybe I need to buy more expensive motorbike to maintain some proportions with the insurance bills. At least I need to drive more... a whole lot more! Or maybe I just concentrate on maintenance work and forget driving... ;)